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The pictures I take, are shot in a way as to capture a moment/feeling. These moments and feelings are often just a file or two away, a scroll or two remembered. As written about in my last post, I've been allowed to observe so much throughout my time.

This year has arguably been one of the toughest years to date, for me. I could sit and talk about my accomplishments but I can also wax on about my pain(s). Perhaps, this is the hand we're all dealt, some get lucky on the river and others simply fold.

This month is one of what ifs. Again, I could spell out one hundred variations of what ifs but that isn't necessary in this case. My words are meant to be as hidden as I feel at times. For years, I've looked at people who are in true liking/love as being individuals who are unique; I know I'm unique.

IF I could put today into context it would be lost at sea. This is where I'm currently at, I'm a bit lost, I'm a bit tired, I'm a lot sad, but here is this ocean that I need to maneuver through to make it to wherever it is I'm heading.

There's an adage about... Meh, I digress

Just know that I'm out to sea and I'll be back again, probably this time next year, wondering why I wasn't a better captain when it mattered the most. The truth is, boats aren't the only things that sink, emotions, dreams, promises, and hope can sink too.

This month is a tough one and it will forever be but then again, maybe I'll dream of what if and that will tide me over until I reach your shore.

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