• Nemi


I was sitting and breaking bread with my brother, earlier, and he brought up the idea of what's missing in society these days, hope. In Webster's, we find hope defined as the following: to want something to happen or to be true and think that it could happen or be true. It's with this very definition in mind, our converstation blossomed into how do we positively influence the hope(s) of those who've seemingly lost all hope.

Society is moving at a pace which requires its inhabitants to either jump onboard or be left standing holding yesterday's greatest wave (i.e. invention, idea, or feeling). So how does one curb the pace and embrace it at the same time?

What IF I told you that I could help you change your world, what if I gave you the opportunity to tell me what your hopes and dreams were? My life isn't predicated on the number of likes which I receive, the number of reTweets, or the number of followers that I have, I am here to change perspectives, to change hearts.

I hope when it's your turn, you'll have an answer, I sincerely hope you're ready for what comes next.