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Through His Eyes

I don't know how this all works, this snapping pictures stuff, one moment I'm sitting in a van watching thousands of people walking about the street and then for no reason at all, I'm raising my camera and focusing on a moment.

The reason(s) that I purchased a camera, two cameras to be exact, a few months back was in order to capture people in their element and by capturing them in said element, I would be able to share their stories their "struggles". My intent was to be a savior of voices so to speak, a modern day Robin Hood but without Little John, Fryer, or Nottingham.

There are times I squeeze off a picture or two and I wonder, "Why did I just waste my time and energy on that pic" and then there are times when I look at my camera and think, "Wow, I think I caught something nice." The picture shown below is definitely one of those, "Wow, I think I caught something nice" type moments.

Our group was attempting to make our way through traffic in order to get to Saqsaywaman, pronounced Sexywoman and view the third and final leg of a Intiraymi Festival, a festival that was unlike anything I'd witnessed previously. Some were saying that there were 150K people in attendance, others were simply saying that the city was full; I wasn't saying much but I was taking in all that was around me. As we were driving, I was periodically attempting to take pictures but every time I thought I had something in sight, the car would jerk or I would talk myself out of squeezing my trigger finger but then something perfect happened.

One of the first things our driver told us when we landed a few days earlier was, "Enjoy my country and try not to fall in love with our women." We all shared a chuckle and I sat back and thought that I was only in Cusco for the food, the mountains, and a stamp in my passport.

I don't know if little man (pictured below) was from Cusco or not, however, in looking at his expression I would have to think that his dad hadn't spoken with him about the falling in love part. Out of a sea of thousands, I was drawn to his expression, his boyhood charm and with this being stated, I snapped a picture hoping that I could see what he was seeing.

Beauty comes at us all and sometimes it comes when we can do something about it and there are moments such as this when beauty simply walks up and says, "Dos aguas, por favor" and then turns around and walks away from you forever.

Through his eyes, she's still standing right there, quietly, waiting for him to grow into a man.


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