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Two Lads and the Sea

For over the last two years or so, my cousin Bobby and I have had a running joke concerning some of the predicaments we attempt to get ourselves involved in when we're traveling abroad; we typically start our stories as if somone were speaking to our parents and informing them of our demise, "HOW'd he die?" (with an accent being thrown in of course, since we're foreign kids and all).

This is one of those "How'd he die" type pics! I for one, don't like to push the envelope too often when it comes to the ocean, I'm a respector of her beauty, from afar, whereas my cousin Bobby, who isn't a swimmer by any stretch of the imagination, is often drawn to the ocean and all of her beauty.

On this particular afternoon, we were walking along and I was simply doing what I do best, which is taking in all the sights and sounds around me, when Bobby got this wild hair that he had to go on the only set of rocks which weren't sactioned for any humans to be near. "We're going there, come on...", he said quietly, as he so often does, and just like a child who knows better but goes along for the ride because the other kids are walking that way, I followed Ricky Bobby.

By the time we got close enough to the rocks to jump from dry land onto the jagged rock formation, I found myself thinking of my dear old dad saying, "Huuuuuh, you boy, you better know what's good for you". I stood still and told Bobby, "I'm going to stay right here, I've seen too many movies."

The shot I captured isn't a picture of Bobby in any type of peril, in fact it's a shot of Bobby, attempting to take a picture of the sea. As I stood there, safely out of harms way for the most part, I started thinking about how life, much like those waves, is filled with beauty and power.

My first experience with the ocean was in Dahab, Egypt; I'll have to search to see if I can find a picture. Actually, the more I think about it, I believe Bobby was the one taking pictures that day... Ha, simply two lads and the sea.

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