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Today, I had an inkling that it was time to leave, time to pack up my computers, cameras, socks, couple undershirts, boxers, and shoes. Where was my journey taking me, only Lawd knows? Last night I closed my eyes and had a dream about the world ending; through the course of my dream, I kept feeling as if there were no place for me to go to, I was trapped attempting to stay alive. In all honesty, I did watch Last of the Mohicans before I went to bed and I also woke up muttering, "Stay alive whatever you do and I will find you."

If life were offering up Oscar nominations, I would assuredly receive a nod for Best Actor for my role in I'm Out Here Come Find Me. You know, the story about a kid who faced a few issues growing up but never allowed them to surface until his adult years, now he's simply working backward in order to find out where everything went "wrong".

Actually, I digress, today, I made a conscious decision to live in the moment and not worry about what isn't promised, tomorrow. In a world predicated on Survival of the Fittest, I'm saying that I'm not the strongest, smartest, fastest, or hungriest out of the bunch, instead I'm just me, a simpleton that is fixated on making a difference in the lives of others.

Today, I'm simply hoping that my computer, phone, camera, undershirt, boxers, and shoes don't let me down; today is my ending and my beginning, hopefully you'll continue to follow.

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