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  • Nemi

Trusty And True

So many times, I find myself wishing I could go back into time and fix some of the things I've done, I've said, or haven't done or said when some sort of action was required. I feel as if I have most people on a string, perhaps even myself a bit.

I'm not a perfect human being but I attempt to play one in "real life" and this role is starting to wear on me a bit. I know, I know, not the upbeat or reflective words you've become accustomed to in previous posts; this is me attempting to be real.

The fact of letting others know that I'm vulnerable scares me, failure scares me, and even the thought of success makes me a little uneasy.

The aforementioned title of this piece is a song by Damien Rice and I don't know why it pulls me in so much and why I feel as if he's singing to me and me alone. I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm joyful, I'm mad, I lie, I tell the truth, I speak well of others, I hate others, but in the end of it all I'm me.

I need to learn to accept ME and just come as I am...

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