• Nemi

Faded Fantasy

Over the last few days, I've been saying, "Life is beautifully complicated." Perhaps, just perhaps, it's due to the fact I'm looking around and starting to notice that time is moving so quickly and I'm not evolving like I should, I'm nowhere close to where I thought I'd be by this point.

A few nights ago I explained to a friend of mine, that I travel in order to find happiness, in order to find a place where I could hide, a place where I can be accepted. This thought has bothered me a bit since I made the statement, only because it's not the place so much as it's the company.

I feel as though I'm looking out a window and watching the child that I was, still standing there waiting, wanting/longing to be noticed. My physical "attributes" left me on the outside looking inward, as a child; nonetheless, I liked and longed to be liked in return.

So here I am some twenty-five years removed from being a child, acting like a child! I want to write a note and pass it to YOU...

You could be my favorite faded fantasy but could I be yours, mark Y for yes or N for no.

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