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A Boy and His Board

I really never know how to quite explain it, the transformation from things seemingly being distant, to things become tangible/real. Seriously, I scratch my head a lot and the answer is always the same, "Some things are just meant to be".

The two in the picture are father and son, not two brothers! I can recall when the kid was a lot smaller yet still in the mix with his dad; his dad being one of the better people I've had the pleasure of being in the presence of, here in our Valley.

Through the years, something really neat has taken place, a friendship, mutual and genuine in nature. You see in this world of ours, there are times people clamor to you because you have something that they desire and they use you until their desires are met. In our cases, the only exchanges are laughter, hugs, and positive sentiments, however, on this day they drove up to exchange a little time for a skateboard.

Hmmmm... Life is... Special, it's special when love and time are placed into wood, trucks, wheels, signage, and grip tape; it's also special when love and time are placed into stories of a want for a better tomorrow.

This is a top five highlight for me this year, so far!

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