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Sue Me...

Sue me already, I have a fascination with the rain, the formation of the clouds, the smell before and after it rains, and of course its sound. A couple of weeks ago, the skies opened up and dumped its rage on us for what seemed to be an eternity but in hindsight was merely for an hour or so.

When I was a child, I used to look out of my apartment window and stare at people as they ran from their car(s) and into their apartment(s) or I would watch as folks would slowly meander out through the street and I would ask my parents if I could play in the rain, only to be shot down without the blink of an eye.

I have a couple of job duties to fulfill within my leadership role with Fire Squad Fresno, with one role being to ensure that our equipment makes it from our team tunnel and into the pub across the street where our supporter's group meets. Typically, this takes place without a hitch, get to the stadium around 3:45pm, grab all the needed stuff, mosey the cart up the ramp arrrrrround 4pm... "Wait, was that a rain drop?"

No sooner had a few of us felt some droplets falling from the sky, the clouds darkened and all sorts of stuff began to happen, rain, wind, hail, and did I say rain! Needless to say, myself and another guy on our leadership staff, simply looked at each other and said, "Let's make it happen" and we began a quick dash across the street with gear in the back of a truck and another car.

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain... and then nothing, just couple of clouds and puddles which reminded us that we survived the onslaught. As quickly as it came it left and this is the story behind that day in May when I thought we were in for a flood and an Ark.

Sue me... I thought the Ark comment was funny!

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