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Smiling Forest

Simple and quiet as kept, there are messages which the entire world are meant to see and then there are little messages which are placed into forests primarily for you, primarily for me.

I can’t tell you where I was actually but I can tell you that for a brief moment, I read the words placed on trees and I listened to the beating of my heart but for only a moment.

How does one meditate, is it just by being still and connecting with quietness that they have within or is it something greater? My quietness is more like a roar and my smile is more cosmetic rather than anything else. How does one smile truthfully?

I recently stated that if people knew how much pain I carry with me from time to time, they’d be shocked but then again maybe they wouldn’t be too surprised. One of my sisters told me last year that she can tell there’s a fire beneath the calm, I attempt to put out into space.

In this little forest I stood, I listened to the chirping of the birds, I watched as the trees smiled and their branches danced before me in the wind, and I wondered if by chance I’ll dance too for no reason other than being one with tranquility.

Alas, the tranquility… What does it mean to smile…

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