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Blarney Bliss

There was only one thing which I really wanted to do while in Ireland but much in my typically awkward fashion, I failed to research said want properly and I found myself a little too in over my head, pun/statement intended, by the time all was said and done.

It's day five of an eight day trip and our morning of travel started at 6:30am, for us, and IF memory serves me correctly, I believe I had my last sip of beer around 4am so in essence I was "Going with God" as the crew back home tends to say when ONLY God can help to protect us from our nonsense. Yes, yes, God definitely had his hands on our travel, my head, stomach, and eyelids as we travelled for what seemed to be forever but was merely just a few hours of time.

I'd like to point out that time warping equates to sleeping and waking up in a different galaxy other than the one you set out in to begin with; Star Date, June 23rd 2016 myself along with the crew found ourselves searching for eloquence, searching for a castle with a legendary rock known to grant such gift, the gift of gab (no rap included, Google Gift of Gab).

When we arrived at Blarney Castle, parked and got situated, I had one thing on my mind and that was downing a pint of Guinness in order to calm my nerves. There was no turning back from this, especially due to the fact we'd driven so far just to complete this one mission.

As we entered the site, all I could think about was the fact I'd only shotgunned one pint of Guinness instead of two; I hate heights and this ascension might be derailed simply due to the fact I HATE HEIGHTS!

Do any of you have a friend who's a thrill seeker and will do just about anything in order to prove themselves that they can push the envelope? Well, I was traveling with said friend, said friend who has told me in the past things such as, "Just take my hand, trust me, I won't let you fall or take you too far on the cliff" (Grand Canyon), or "C'mon man, how many times will you get to tell people you swam in the Red Sea" (Dahab, Egypt) oooor "Bro, you're going up in this balloon because I paid for it and can't get my money back" (Hot Air Balloon Festival - Albuquerque, New Mexico). There are hundreds of other sayings but these are the ones which came rushing to the forefront of my mind as we stared up towards where the treasure awaited us.

The climb up the castle steps was fine at first and then the staircase began to wind more and the steps began to get steeper and steeper and then I noticed I'd gone a little too far, pushed myself a little too much when I noticed just how much air was rushing through the door leading out to the walkway. This time, there was truly no turning back given the fact dozens of people were behind me and he walk down was scarier than the the walk up; there was a decision I needed to make and to make quickly, man-up or stand down.

I watched young and old before me, heed the instruction of the man in red, "Sit on your bum, place both hands on the rods, scoot toward the rock, tilt your head." So I crawled to the mat, placed both hands on the rods, asked Jesus into my heart, cried out for mum, scooted towards the stone, tilted my head back, and completed a quest. Not only was I shocked that I had gone up a more than high tower, my friends were shocked as well; maybe being eloquent and blessed with words is something that I've craved for some time, then again, maybe my quest for the Blarney Stone was a test of courage as well.

One must have courage to say the right things eloquently...

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