• Nemi

What WE Really Are

I've been sitting and thinking about what my place is in life, what gifts I've been given yet fail to use. My speech to the masses is as follows:

We were not born into this world originally as slaves but yet we allow others to enslave our minds

So many like to point out that we're descendants of Kings and Queens

But instead I like to think we are the stars

We are the stars who were pulled from the sky in order to shine here on earth

My dreams yesterday are no different than today

I dream of peace

I dream of unity

I dream of understanding

I dream of knowledge

I am a dream deferred

I am a dream which was put into motion

I am a dream which hasn't awaken

Before today, I failed to realize that our collective voices are heard in your music

Before today, I failed to realize that our collective energy powers your sports

Before today, I failed to realize that our collective style shapes the streets

We are a fashion which hasn't been tailored

We are a fashion which hasn't been sold

Our invention is reinvention from being the oppressed to being blessed

The masters of yesteryear are Presidents and other men of influence

Men who are honored for setting right all that was wrong

Or is it men who are honored for wrongs which were never made right

I am not a slave, I am not an indentured servant, I am a light which no one owns

The promise to the tribes was power and wealth so we sold both

And in selling both we fell under the heels of the Babylonians

WE feel under the heels of the Romans

We fell under the heels of the Greeks

We fell under the heels of the Arabs

We fell under the heels of the Germans

We fell under the heels of the Dutch

We fell under the heels of the French

We fell under the heels of the Portuguese

We fell under the heels of the English

We fell under the heels of the Americas (Northern and Central)

We fell under...

Today we're falling under the heels of a badge

In 2015, 986 African Americans fell to the sound of pop and the warmth of a slug

With our hands we clap as we wade through the murky waters called life

With our hands we begin the beat of a song which will soon be played

With our voices the world will hear melodies and cries which it has not heard for centuries

Slavery is not dead, it's an eyesore

An eyesore which has simply had an icepack applied to it since the days of the Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights

Juxtaposed have never been civil or right yet we move

Can you imagine if the systemic ignorance which was forcefully injected into our neighborhoods

The systemic ignorance which was forcefully injected into our bodies

The systemic ignorance which was forcefully infected into our brains

Was that of power as opposed to pain/suffering

Our days of falling under have to become days of rising above

For the rhetoric employed now is colorful and the hashtags now are Black Lives Matter

By definition we've been described collectively as aberrations

We for one are not aberrations as much as we are individual fragments of light

Which when placed together create a light as warm as the sun

The chicanery of the masters was passed down in a manual which many still worship today

A manual of hate and bigotry

We fell under the heels of said manual

We fell under the heels of the hate

My wish is that we rise

I don't care what color or creed

I just ask that we come together with open hands and hearts

Perhaps today we'll march around this nation and knock down its oppressive walls

For this is our Jericho

When God said, "Let there be light", we were the chosen ones

Children from all of over the moon, the universe, and dancing sun

We inhabit an endless continuum

Not spinning in vain, amoeba learned to walk in rain

Acid falls from the skies leaves stains

Evolutionary conundrum

How much truth can one run from

So much more in space, so many colors in one place

If you ever feel misplaced, draw a line and begin to retrace your family tree

We started from simple seeds

In the end why is it so hard for racists to see, they're not any different than me

We bleed the same, born into a world with a last and first name

A world divided spins real slow

Too many wedges erected, no flow

When my people landed, we still had the darkest glow

Don't believe me, get in my ride and I'll show

We still have targets illuminated on our backs and that's fo show

When can we see light

Same mentality we're walkin', talkin', tryin' to breathe life

Thoughts of nukes, these kids at night they can't sleep tight

No longer care about forever

It's just me right

Perhaps it's just me right

Mind blown, society backwards, social media time trackers

NOT every fanatic is a Muslim hijacker

Is it just me right

The dead they can't breathe life

Too much grief strife

The world will continue to be right

Will you continue to be right

In the end is it just me right

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