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Outside Looking In

Hello, Hi, How are you. Those greetings appear to be so simple but the brevity of all seems to complicate the most educated of users. You see, our society has turned pleasantries into deficiencies, we do not long to be greeted as much as we long to be ignored or better yet merely passed by without having to exchange anything with another person.

Perhaps, I grew up and actually listened to the conversations which my parents had with each and those around me. There was a time when our family would sit, eat dinner, and watch the evening news; I was forced to interact, react, and acknowledge what was taking place around me, I couldn't run, I couldn't hide (where's Rakaa at).

I learned the quickest way to disarm someone is by simply noticing said person and saying, "Hello". We do not need to know everyone's life story but we do need to understand that we are not alone in this world of ours.

Due to perception we lose out on so much! I used to have a boss, a crappy one at that (I'm trying to keep it PC) who once told me, "Perception is the truest reality", to which I quipped, "It depends upon the reality one is attempting to identify".

The reality and truth of the matter is we all carry a power greater than what we can even imagine. We have the power to lift up and strike down, we have the power to love and we have the power to hate, we have the power to walk by and we have the power to pause and look someone known or unknown, to us, in the eyes and say, "Hello, Hi, How are you..."

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