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Off In The Distance

I received a random call from a friend this last weekend and she said, "I'm snooping around your blog and loving the pictures but I wish you'd write more." Alas, the conversation didn't last long but I thought to myself maybe I should write more, like a whole lot more.

The picture shown above was taken about a month or so ago, it was taken on a night where the entire world was fixated on a Super Moon; however, I'd missed the occurrence and only wanted to find something different to shoot that night.

To me, the symbolism of the picture isn't simply a set of lights making their way towards me but instead me making my way towards whom I'm supposed to be; it's my potential off in the distance!

IF you love me and care, you'll be happy to know that I'm on my way, anew and ready to change so much within this world of ours.

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