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  • Nemi

Eulogy - John F. Fane (my big bro)

This is both my hello and goodbye

My if I had one question, it would probably be just, "Why..."

These are words I've left unspoken

When you passed I was just broken

Tears were just a token of the pain I couldn't reveal

Twenty years later the reality of your death is real

This is my hello and goodbye

Decided that a few words would finally fly

Off my fingers

Off my lips

It's wild when your soul finally comes to grips

It's cool

It's life

It's a teenager trying to be alright

Well alright

You were a brighter light

The older brother who told us the boogie man wouldn't bother us at night

Yet here I lay, still afraid

My emotions still in disarray

Perhaps this is the point where I finally turn the page

My hello sounds like goodbye

As I sit in this dark room, all I want to do is cry

But society tells us real G's don't cry

So I'll quietly clear my throat

And gently rub one eye

Oops a tear runs down my face

And another just to keep pace

This is my hello and goodbye

My cry to God that he'll let me just slide by

Slide in

Through the gates

I have too many good ones who await

This sinner

Not a saint

If you're not at the welcoming party, I won't know what to think

All I want is a chance just thank

Thank you for the helping hand

Thank you for being the man

Thank you for encouraging me when I didn't have a leg to stand


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