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Say You Will...

I woke up this morning with a bit of pep in my first step, today was going to be a little different than yesterday and drastically different than Saturday, is what I thought to myself; however, I took a few more steps, stopped, stretched, and lost that bit of pep.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, sue me, it's Monday and for that matter it's a Monday after a short yet mentally taxing weekend. (Looks around the empty living room) There are so many things which I want to write about and in doing so be honest to the point where people who truly know me, would just shake their collective heads and say something along the lines of, "This guuuuuy."

The first message which I received this morning was a text from one of my best friends, "Keep up the good work"; there's something special about receiving encouragement, receiving positivity. Another friend told me that I had a dreamer's voice, not to be confused with a dreamy voice.

The truth is, I dream a lot, I mean a lot, like a lot a lot! IF I could somehow focus on talents I've been given and apply them to... Alas, this is me applying my talents through words, pictures, and perspective.

Last year, I told myself that I would see three different continents, take part in a fundraising campaign for caner awareness, and I'd purchase a newer camera before the end of 2017 (Save This Post). The time for me to shine is now so I'm fixated on minimizing the distractions in order to achieve my goals.

The message is, "Say you will" and you will.

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