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The Matrix

Sometimes I wonder if all of this is real and then I look down to find that the reflection(s) seem a little off or for that matter, they seem a little too similar at times. There are friends of mine who take things for merely the face value of what is being presented and there are others who question, others who think outside of the box.

The amount of self-doubt which I carry is palpable, if one pays enough attention; alas, here I am giving away secrets to something I hold near and dear to me. As others flourish, I stay the same, neither failing or truly succeeding, just in the middle. My stories are not all of doom and gloom, they're meant to motivate those of you who think that you cannot work through obstacles yet here I stand, still, while staring directly at obstacle(s).

I am stuck in the Matrix, a Matrix where things are predicated off of cause and effect, for every action, there is a reaction. Alas, the famous words of the Merovingian!

IF one never asks, "Why" one will only be given the answers which others have learned and then passed on as being the truth; always ask, "Why". It's almost as if you're falling in love with someone but never asking them if they've loved before you or for that matter if you've ever truly felt love before their arrival... "Why, me?".

There's something about a reflection, it captures so much of an object, a moment/time. I was walking past a large pool of water and a building appeared, the building in the reflection looked much like another building but there was something a bit off yet something a bit similar.

Perhaps I'm seeing a bit of myself within the building, thus a bit of myself within the reflection.

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