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Rocky View

Tonight, for the first time in a very long time, I felt as if I were wasting my time with life; no this isn't a "goodbye world" post. My drive home was one of self reflection. How many people really care about me and for that matter how many people do I really care about, as well?

As if the day wasn't long enough already, I thought of how I'm always on the go but in the end never going anywhere it feels. All I want is someone to pump me full of happiness but instead I'm caught listening to noise whether in my own head or off the lips of others.

I go to bed thinking of escapes, places which I can run to for moments at a time and just be okay, places which I can run to and just be still. It's okay to be still, to be quiet and observe the world around me correct?

My clock is ticking, my want for love and happiness ever-after seems to be a fantasy and I'm left feeling more like a frog than a prince. It's amazing how strong the will is whether that be one's heart or mind. The moments when I truly apply both my heart and mind to something are the very moments when I can feel the warmth of the sun.

For years on end, I've been a child trapped within the body of an adult and as of late, I'm starting to realize that there are some decisions which I have to make in order to balance out this battle. I often trick myself into thinking that within the blink of an eye, I could pack up and be gone anywhere within this world of our; the reality of this taking place is a bit far fetched, at least a bit immature. I mean who does who do something like that, one day here and then the next day, gone?

The picture you see is that of the famous Morro Rock, which is found in Morro Bay, California. There have literally been a billion pictures taken of this rock, I probably have thirty or so myself but on this particular evening, I waited for my chance to capture something special and I did.

I need more moments to capture the beauty that is around me, that is around us; more moments of stillness/quietness and observation. Just sit and hold my hand, let's capture something special, it only takes a moment.

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