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Let's Write A Story...

My passport has had it's fair share of stamps over the last seven years yet I find myself craving to do more and more outside the confines of my house, city, State, and country. The idea of travel is something which didn't play too much of an influence in my life, early on, but then I wised up and started dreaming a bit.

I've spoken about my fear of heights, amongst other things, however on this particular night I crawled ever so slowly towards a window in our penthouse, to try and capture something breathtaking. Life is funny isn't it, the moment to moment aspects of it that is?

There is a reality which I'm facing on a daily basis and that reality is the "I can reality". Over the course of the next few weeks, months, and year, I'm planning on pushing myself to places I've otherwise been too afraid to go to in the past.

This picture of Lima, Peru, captures the lights and landscape but unfortunately it doesn't capture the feeling of the breeze from the ocean, as it was hitting my face fifteen stories up, in the middle of summer.

I'm not tied to this place, I'm not tied to the day to day activities, instead I'm attempting to reinvent/readjust my sights and mindset to capture life.. the moment to moment aspects that is. Will you help me get there?

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