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Windshield Wipers Optional

The reality of it all is I'm heading in a certain direction that's uncharted to me, meaning I've never thought of being here, that is, wherever here finds me. These days, the plane rides and car rides seem a bit longer and I find myself staring out the window(s) a bit more and noticing all that is passing me by.

One day years from now, someone will stumble upon my pictures and hopefully a few of my words and they'll sit for a moment and place themselves within both; I hope they find peace and energy in the process.

Today, my trip took on a little rain but instead of wiping the droplets away, I asked if they could stay for a moment on the windshield while I attempted to focus my sight on what was passing by. If one could imagine the choreography of the rain falling, the wind blowing, and cars zooming by in perfect unison, one would understand the dance taking place, within the picture.

Time is but a moment and within certain moments, I find time to pause and reflect just long enough to understand that everything is working together in perfect harmony. Today, I asked that the wipers not be used so I could see how much time I it would take me to lose focus, come to find out wipers are always optional both on cars and in real life.

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