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  • Nemi

109 Keys To Being A Mac

It feels as though its been a few days since I've taken you for a spin

Just my fingers against the keys

My thoughts unraveling

No need for pad or pen

Just your eyes

I know that they're slowly trying to see if this applies

To the sky

To the rain

To the fact that we're at this again

Let me tell you

It feels as though I'm spinning out of control

Metaphorically there's a spill right in the middle of the road

And I saw it coming but had nowhere to go

Word is that's what happens when you travel too fast in the snow

It's cold

It's dark

It's in need of a spark

A light

A way

A color other than gray

It really feels as though its been some time

The longest journey trying to find

The words

The melody

The rhyme

Oh what's this about time

It doesn't matter

It doesn't exist

It's as though I've puckered

And seemingly missed

The target

The spot

The thing which used to beat close to my heart...

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