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Are You Ready

Too often I've found myself staring out the window, lost, as to where thoughts are truly carrying me. Is my life coming or going, am I full throttle or slowly downshifting into a world which awaits either my rise or fall?

Today, as we sat and waited on the tarmac, I was drawn to the movements of takeoff, I'm referencing the moments right before flight/liftoff. For those of you who haven't had the chance to witness this up close and personal per se, i.e. from a tarmac, I'll briefly attempt to explain the magic to it all.

IF you can close your eyes for a moment and imagine all you've accomplished up to this point, I'm talking about all the successes and failures, sweat and tears, all piled into the cargo bay of a plane and you're the pilot with the destination of your future in front of you (Control Deck Tower) "You're next in line and your path is clear for takeoff in three minutes."

Do you accelerate or do you radio the tower and say, "I'm not quite ready yet"?

You see, to take flight, everything and I mean everything has to be in proper alignment in order to get off the ground. The magic which I alluded to is simply the fact everything is in order to get from the ground and into the air. So the question still remains, "Are you ready"?

Today, I feel as if my hopes, dreams, fears, and drive are all packed neatly and ready for flight.

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