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Light Display

This was the first time, I held the sun in the palm of my hand, this was the first time we were this close to each other. If I could describe to you the feeling of holding something so precious as this close to me, I would venture to say it's almost as if holding the person you care so deeply about close to you but for a moment, alas for the very first time.

I'm not writing from a whimsical point of view as much as I am from a realistic place in my heart. On this day, in Helsinki, I stood on a brisk evening and observed a light display, I observed the shadows dance, the trees sing, and the water anticipate the setting of the sun.

For a moment, alas for a brief moment, we touched and I absorbed the energy and message to be a light within a dark world.

We do not observe the beauty which is around us, we do not look away from the screens in the palm of our hands, the screens which sit hunkered down within our living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens yet we wake to the sun and only look to its light for fear of the darkness.

I do not sit afraid of the darkness because I know that I must be a light...


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