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Democratic - Republican

Alas, where do I begin, under the rubble, under the fog, or right here at ground zero? The funny thing about writing, at least for me, is I have to be moved in order to sit and put into words what I'm thinking, feeling, or seeing.

The picture below is lightweight iconic only due to the fact that it marks a time of change within our city; I'm sure many of those who pass by view this area as chaos and concrete, whereas I see it as a battle between the District and the Capital.

Our city is willing to move bridges in hopes that a "high speed" rail will run from the Bay to Bakersfield within the next 8yrs. There are people who throw around words such as revitalization but have yet to be seen injecting their own funds into what they're proposing be revitalized; one can't say, "Buy local" and then purchase bottles from Maine (I love Maine by the way).

Has there always been a shroud of mystery around politics, are there any honest politicians? The logic isn't hard to comprehend, we're losing the battle in education, environmental awareness, job creation, poverty, healthcare, outsourcing, and taxes.

The picture above is a snapshot of the State of California (a disjointed mess of tape, garbage, and fog).

I think the word people should be using is Realization in place of Revitalization.

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