• Nemi

Revenge Is A Cake Best Served w/Icing

It was close to four years ago when my cousin Aren decided that he and Fashawn would call me up to the stage in order to have a crowd of 600 plus people sing happy birthday to me; it was one of the very few special moments I can recall taking place on my birthday, since I'm not a song and cake sort of guy. The "problem" with their actions were, I've had plenty of time to sit and stew over how I'd return the birthday theatrics, hence the title of this post!

Well, just as fate would have it, opportunity came calling on the day of Grizzly Fest. I mean who really plans a festival on the day of their own birthday and doesn't expect anything to take place? Actually, Aren did and he didn't expect anything at all which was pretty sweet.

Such a good group of folks who came together not only for the love of music but also for the love of doing dope stuff in the Valley.

A short story made longer, I exacted revenge and it was in front 5,500 people or so to boot; we call that around these parts, "Checkmate, cuz..."

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