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Last Dance

For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated with the nighttime sky, the moon, its stars, and satellites. Years ago, I wrote a poem and in it I described how my father taught me about the moon and the stars and I informed him that I travel to the both one day without hesitation or car.

IF only I could begin to tell you all how many times I've wished upon a shooting star or how far I've followed a satellite as it slowly moved through the sky; IF only I could tell you all how many times I've looked upward in the hopes of finding the proper direction, the proper lighting which would help to lead me home.

Well, I'm home and I've been safely planted here for some time now. As random as this might read, I find myself longing to drive out to the middle of nowhere and just sit and watch an old dance take place between the moon, the sky, and its stars.

The idea of twinkle twinkle little star is nothing more than said star falling in love with the moon and not being able to hide its affection. Alas, when was the last time we fell in love, when was the last time we danced against the backdrop of the sky?

I'm a hopeless romantic who dreams of walks on a beach, laying a blanket down in a random field and looking upwards, or better yet dancing under the stars without any music playing, other than the tune which causes us to move.

Tonight I decided to drive, I drove as far as my confidence would take me which was to the base of the foothills; I'm not the best driver in the daytime or nighttime. As I sat here alone, all I could think of was you, all I could think of was when would we have the chance to do this again, you in all your infinite beauty and me the boy turned man, who has been observing your glow for so long.

"It's the last dance, we've come to the last dance

They're dimming the lights down, they're hoping we'll go

It's obvious they're aware of us, the pair of us, alone on the floor

Still I want to hold you like this forever and moreIt the last song, they're playing the last song

The orchestra's yawning, they're sleepy I know

They're wondering just when will we leave, but till we leave, keep holding me tight

Through the last dance, each beat of the last dance

Save me the first dance in your dreams tonight"

- The Last Dance (Frank Sinatra)

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