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It's not too often that I ask others for help, like earnestly asking others for assistance with something. For the last three years or so, I've put off updating my resume merely due to the fact that I've become comfortable with my job and I'm not one to seek change too often, I'm loyal despite feeling undervalued; however, also over the last few years, I've become quite unsatisfied with where I am in life, so something has to transpire, right. I know, I know, to those people who "know" me, you might think that I have it all together, house, cars, and travel, not to mention a fairly happy-go-lucky attitude.

This isn't a quick story about my sky falling or the boy who cried wolf as much as it is about me looking at myself anew!

The world stops when athletes, actors/actresses, musicians, or politicians say things such as, "I want to change the world." Since I was a child, my aspirations have been to leave a positive mark on this world which we live in but I've come to realize, over the course of time, that this world isn't small and the mark so many seek doesn't need to be on a global spectrum.

Let me quickly get back to my initial sentence of not asking too often for help. Last week, I emailed a friend and asked for assistance in updating my resume because I wanted to apply for a position of interest within the sports world. I've come to understand that other people's timing isn't so much my timing yet for some reason, I give of my time so quickly and wholeheartedly so it throws me off when I'm placed on a burner (you pick the side).

In the past, I would have allowed myself to sulk and in turn allowed an opportunity to pass me by because I do not typically deem myself worthy of certain chances. "Nooooo, they're a better candidate" or "Eeeeeeh, they're not going to even notice me within an application process", I mean I've sabotaged myself so much over the years, at times I wonder how I've really gotten this far (smirk and light rub of the rabbit foot).

This past weekend, I sat at my kitchen table and put on my big boy pants and I revised my resume with the thought being that it's my responsibility to fulfill, when it's all said and done. There was a sense of accomplishment once completed because it had been something pressing on my heart and mind for some time.

The point to this post is this, in order to progress and move towards goals which I have set or need to set for myself, I have to apply because I'll lose out on 100% of the things which I do not apply for. My mindset is being tweaked a bit and with it, some will find an honesty about me which has been lacking and or hidden.

The strangest things happen when you apply yourself....

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