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I know we haven't spoken in awhile

Me with the awkward stance and you with that bright smile

The idea of sitting down and forcing myself to write

Isn't an idea which seemed just right

So I've learned to take cover in my room at night

I've shielded myself from your light

It's strange for tonight I saw you from afar

The way you suddenly appeared

Made me wish I wasn't trapped inside of my car

My heart skipped

My foot slipped

Which caused me to press the gas more

Suddenly I parked

And started running towards your door

Up the stairs

I stopped to stare

As you moved from the earth

And suddenly hovered in the air

You were like a light to me

So I took a knee

And remembered how things used to be

When I didn't know that a light such as yours was meant to light a path such as mine

Back then there was only freeze-tag and a plethora of time

To be amused

To be a muse

To hold on tight to all that we knew

I miss those days

Those yesterdays

Those moments of time

When we would play

Beneath your light...

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