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I See You...

We all dream differently, there are some who say things like, "I wish I had the time to...", there are those who say things like, "I wish I could...", and there are those who say, "One day, I plan..."; I can say that I've been all of those people and then some others. Yes, I've had the opportunity of seeing things which many people will only read or dream about seeing and those experiences have helped to shape the person I am today but there's still something missing I feel.

My cousin Bobby and me set out to visit at least one country every year, it's something that has sort of happened over the course of the last five years or so. During the year, while people have their eyes set on shoes, cars, purses, concerts, and other randomness, we're plotting our next escape!

The way we travel is by the seat of our pants and anything goes once you've booked the flight, I mean if we have a buddy who has a blowup mattress and a couch in Rome, guess what, we're playing paper, rock, scissors for said spaces. I know, I know, I'm almost 41yrs of age and still okay with sleeping on a blowup mattress, I'm also okay with sleeping in a car and waking up to sights only dreamed of by most. The moment you start placing limitations on how you travel is the very moment you'll find yourself not traveling.

I took a trip to Peru in order to see Machu Picchu which is only 7,972 feet in elevation; mind you I'm afraid of being twenty feet in the air. The walk into the park was much like watching the gates of Jurassic Park. As we slowly made our way from the entrance into the main part of the mountain, all I could think of was how on earth did this even come to be in the first place.

The idea of being a tourist is something that never sits quite right with me, I like to see what the locals see, eat what the locals eat, and listen to what the locals listen to but I found nothing but silence the further I climbed. I stated a moment ago that I'm not a fan of heights but here I was climbing further than I would have liked to nonetheless I climbed anyway because I was after something special, something different... A moment

How many of us are attempting to capture moments? The beauty is fifty years from now we won't remember what we didn't do, we'll remember the risks we took and the heights we climbed in order to see a bit of the world.

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