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Slow Down...

This past weekend the City of Fresno opened up a stretch of road in an effort to bring more people to downtown Fresno. With the help of social media, I was able to see the masses of people who lined the streets, stepped into the few shops, and said things like, "We believe in downtown."

(Raises hand) I believe in downtown too and I have a vested interest in Fresno, Ca succeeding due to the fact the rest of California thinks this city is ass backwards with nothing to do; there are also the "cool" kids of the city who supposedly won't venture downtown because of safety issues. I still think there are more cocaine users/abusers in their communities than there are users on the streets (I digress).

Last night I was feeling a bit blue so I grabbed my camera and tripod and took a quick trip downtown to see if I could find anything worthwhile. It's funny how creativity works when you're sad, you can turn a heavy heart into a masterpiece.

I've been shooting with Sony Alpha cameras for three years now and I've attempted to increase my shooting acumen over the course of this time but I've come to the realization that this camera stuff is all about the lenses. Sooooo, enter my newest lens which isn't too far off from my last newest lens or the newest lens before that newest lens (you see the pattern).

My initial sentence was about how a stretch of road was renovated in order to bring more people downtown and here I stood in the darkness on that stretch of road wondering how far I needed to venture. I'll give it to the city, the upgrades are nice!

I often think about how quickly things move around us and how much we miss out on because we fail to slow down and take it all in; I slowed the speed of my camera down and I took in what was before me, it was new, it was fresh, it was home.

For a moment, my heart didn't hurt, my head wasn't swimming in frivolous emotion, and my spirit was able to be still and happy within the cover of darkness, within the flicking of the lights.

Go and see downtown, it's worth it...

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