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  • Nemi

Hello There...

I've been meaning to write to you for a while

Just a few moments ago I closed my eyes and thought of your smile

Thought of your style

Thought about how we hadn't spoken in a while

A few minutes

A few hours

A few days

It's always amazing how time moves

And simply turns the page

I've been meaning to write to you since you left

It wasn't a cold morning

Yet I can still see my breath

As it was etched on your car

The words, "I miss you" were able to be seen from afar

The days have turned to night and the stars have come to play

There box is filled with colors and I'm not merely left with grays

I've been meaning to write but I hadn't the words to say

I wish I weren't so scared to tell you that I could take all of your fears away

I used to smile and allow the sunlight to fade away

Now I'm the one who sits in the darkness wondering when my heart will play

So now I say, "Say, say, oh playmate why won't you play with me..."

Sometimes I ramble about nothing and everything in between, it's actually sort of funny I guess. The words above are derived from me sitting here in my dark room, listening to the rain fall outside of my window. For as random as my thoughts are from time to time, I wonder if I'm truly a romantic or not; I'm not hopeless because there is a purpose to all of this.

I just want someone to love me every single day, to want my love at least three out of five days of the week, I'd love for someone to sincerely ask me how my day was and sit and cuddle with me as I explained.

Hello There...

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