• Nemi


Over the course of the last week or so, I've heard some interesting news. What do we do with news, meaning how do we process it, do we research what we're being told, or do we take it at face value? One of the many things I've learned about news is that it travels quickly.

Yes, yes, IF we're all honest with ourselves it's easy to tell someone something all the while knowing there's more to the story than we're sharing/than what is being told. We've all done it, come on now, a little bit of truth here, a little bit of embellishment there, and we can't forget to throw in the omission to the mix.

News travels fast and much like when I was a child, I'm attempting to not allow my ears to be trash cans! "Hey, do these look like trash cans, noooo they don't so please stop trying to place your trash in my ears." Actually, my ears have always been microscopic so the retorts to my trash can comment have always been whimsical. I digress...

Always question what you're hearing and not hearing for within these parallels lies the truth. Now, let's get back to the news!