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It's Raining It's Pouring

Tonight I've found myself sitting on my bedroom floor for the last four hours or so attempting to get this website in order. The main "problem" at the moment is the fact, I cannot feel my legs or bum, they've gone numb on me! I suppose if the lower extremities aren't working properly, tis time to simply write for a bit.

I feel as though so much has happened within the last three weeks or so, yet in the same breath, I feel as though I'm rather stagnant within my daily life. In the last three weeks I've been up and down the State of California on a mission to find something new, something borrowed, something brown, red, or blue; sue me these are some of my favorite colors and I was referencing shoes and clothes so don't get wild and think I was talking marriage.

In a world where over consumption is commonplace, I'm attempting to take a step back and savor the little things, i.e., sitting in my car and listening to soft music, random trips, reading, and thoughts of flowers which bloom not too far away from me, oh and soft kisses, hot coco too.

Today, I sat in my car for close to two hours and during that time, I listened to the rain and thought about how much is passing me by on a daily basis. It's days like this which make me want to lay a blanket down in my front yard and lay on my back in order to feel the raindrops falling on my face. It's only rain right, the formation of water which falls from the sky? My neighbors would probably leave me be and not think twice about it, "Oooooh he's just processing" or then again, some might say, "He's being himself bravely, cold and wet but still brave."

We have another day of rain left in our forecast and then it's clear skies and warmth projected for far too many consecutive days. There's something special about the sound of the rain, the feel of the rain, the smell of rain, it's as though it can be captured and poured into our bodies in order to cleanse our souls.

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