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Parle Français?

So often I find myself saying, "Life is strange." IF I were to sit and truly think about all of the people I've met along my journey, the three lads pictured before you would definitely rank within my Top 10 of favorite people. Back in 2011, I was invited to go on tour with another close friend and his artist; during our time in Europe we visited Zurich, Switzerland which at that time seemed larger than life. My first memories of Zurich weren't the greatest simply due to the fact that I was stopped and questioned as to the nature of my visit (I must have a look which exudes trouble).

It was in Zurich that I connected with the lads above and within that day and a half of food, music, sport, and laughter a seed of friendship was planted. IF I could only explain to you all how much laughter was had in the artists green room after the festival!

Fast forward four trips to Switzerland later and a current visit to the States, our bonds are still filled with food, music, sport, and laughter. Over the course of the last week and a half, we've probably consumed more junk food than we needed to, we've definitely stayed up later than we needed to as well, oh and the beer yes we've had our share of beers and rum let's not forget the rum; it's like we're getting to experience a time which never existed to us as kids, the idea of long distance friends coming to visit for a snippet of time.

This trip has taken us to two music festivals, one NBA playoff game, bridges, cafes, pizzerias, shopping, and hills, we've sat atop a hill or two it seems.

Years from now, I'm sure I'll look back at the spring of 2018 and think about the laughs and dialogue which were shared both in French and in English. When it's all said and done, make sure to choose your friends wisely, those bonds might just turn into brotherhood.

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