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Tis Time...

Alas it's all moving so much faster now, time that is. Yesterday, I quipped to a friend that twenty seven years of friendship has moved by us so quickly. In all honesty, twenty seven years ago, I was only concerned with grades, sports, Nintendo, and a girl whom shall not be named now.

There are times when I run into people, from years gone by, and I wonder if their lives are rising or fading before their eyes. In retrospect, I mean really, who am I to judge, I have my own set of issues to deal with on a daily basis. I'm beginning to wonder if I've reached a point in life where I'm set to grow up a little.

The stages of my life have been interesting to say the least but whose haven't, with each success come a bit a failure and vice versa. For me, I think my greatest failure thus far has been my misappropriation of time. It was only recently I truly gave into the fact I'm starting to age a bit and my wants are not as important as my needs. What does someone like me need you might ask... I need time, a bit more time.

Tomorrow isn't promised so attempt to live within the moment, I attempt to not place too much emphasis on the unknown, on the future; however, I've also found myself wrestling with the idea that I'm the grasshopper in a world filled with ants.

Look, I'm only going to get one shot at this life so with said, I'm laughing loudly, kissing softly, running slowly, talking less, dreaming freely, traveling often, and being appreciative of time.

The thing with time is it's priceless and fleeting, the same can be said of our existence. I dare you to find a smile, to find a bit of laughter, I dare you to hug tightly, to sing at the top of your lungs, and to dance in circles; I dare you to not waste the commodity which we do not treasure enough, time.

Tis time.

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