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  • Nemi


Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Sometimes I sit and I wonder about time

I wonder IF we were to do it all again

Would we find...

Each other

Somehow, we've all managed to dream a bit

Some have managed to smile

While I, I've managed to skip

Somewhere along the line

This is all became a blur

A story about a boy

A story about a girl

Today, I found myself being warmed by the sun

All the while my mind was on the run

Searching for the right words to say


Maybe things are better this way

Maybe the clouds will quickly drift apart

Maybe just maybe tomorrow will bring a brighter day


These are probably not the right words to say

But the words I love you just seem too cliche

Or too premature



I don't know

Maybe just maybe I'll find the strength to pick my heart up off the floor

Maybe just maybe I'll find the strength to slowly make my way to the door


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