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Am I growing up, I mean am I really at the point to where I see something that's considered artsy and say, "How much"? This past weekend, my friends and me threw our second two day festival in Fresno, CA and we had a wide array of vendors within the festival grounds.

Over the course of the last two years, of our festival, I've found my role to be more of a PR role in that I want to ensure those in attendance are having a decent time. I'm pretty sure I've walked by each vendor and simply said, "Hello". People sometimes ask me what my role is and I often tell them my role is to make people feel welcomed.

This year, I was chatting it up with a local artist who goes by the name of Zoombie (actually my tattoo artist) who had his art installation/exhibit on the grounds. During our conversation, I happened to turn my head and catch a glimpse of a piece that hung on the back wall of his exhibit.

There was a time in my life when I was all about animes/cartoon flicks, from Akira, Ninja Scroll, Ghost In The Shell, Fist Of The Northstar, and many more. Perhaps Afro Samurai stood out to me because the main character was Afrocentric and not Asian per se; we don't have many "black" super heroes let alone anime heroes so this called to me greatly years ago.

I would love to give the movie completely away however I'll just say that I saw a piece which called out to me and I purchased it because I knew its value, its meaning/its message. Yes I spent money, yes it was worth it, and yes there are artistic people in this town who deserve a little more light for their gifts!

IF we remain in our boxes and fail to touch those around us, we in turn end up losing out on the possibility of discovering hidden gems.

"Death to my enemies..."

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