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Lock It Up...

It has always puzzled me when people use the adage, "My heart is under lock and key". Maybe I'm just at the non mushy stage of my life; I mean I'm literally what, two years away from wearing multiple gold chains and purchasing a car that I don't need.

In all seriousness though, the idea of placing a lock on a fence and it representing the love for another is such the craze in parts of Europe. I've had the opportunity to visit a few of the more famous heart/lock bridges and upon each visit, I find myself thinking about how much money has been spent over the years on people locking their love(s) up for others to see.

How many people still have their key(s), how many are still in love, how many know where to find their love?

I came across a bridge in Austria and found little pockets of locks (pictured below) and I decided to cave in and purchase a lock. IF you know me, you know exactly the lock I purchased and attached to the fence.

I suppose I wasn't locking up my love or heart as much I was locking up the idea that love/liking does exist and it exists in so many random ass forms.

We have the ability to influence the lives of others by delivering three simple words, "I love you", "I like you", or "I need you". Our mornings and evenings can be made by others showing the tiniest bit of affection or by us doling out the same affection.

My want isn't really to lock up love, that should be free, I just want to remember where I placed it and be able to unlock the clasp and fall back on why I placed it on said fence to begin with. There's a reason people are led to affix locks to bridges, I just hope that reason doesn't fade when and if their love fades.

It takes the simplest touch to show someone you care... It also takes the simplest touch to show someone you really don't care too; life is interesting in this manner.

Lock it up for the right reason, not just because everyone else is doing it and it looks fun.

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