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Next Best Option

Maybe today is the day that I find myself in my feelings a little more than I should be; I've mastered the art of appearing calm even though I'm raging inside. I think it's the fact my instincts tend to be right about so much is probably the leading factor to my calmness.

My wish is simple, it's to finish the tasks which I'm slowly laying out before me. I have very few people in my life who push me to be better, do better, it seems as though we've turned into a vanilla society which shy away from the real questions. Well, then again, perhaps I give off the vibe that everything is always in control.

There are some people who can hear you speak ten thousand words and still not understand you and then there are some people who can understand you without you even making a peep (tilts head and looks up at the dark sky). I'm not going to say too much more...

There are options, I get it, and I also get that we're all working to not be an option within whatever matrix we reside. I hope that I'm at the forefront of your mind and if I'm not, I suppose I wasn't the best option.

I mean what's life without them...

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