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  • Nemi

Some People...

Some people make love

Yet never say, "I love you"

They sit close

But somehow end up making it seem

As if they're above you

My yesterday

Somehow found it's way


It's funny when I watch others hug you

It makes me feel as though

I bugged you

Perhaps my grasp wasn't strong enough

As I clung onto your petal

My wish was for a real life

I suppose you can call me Geppetto

The only problem is I have no wood left to whittle

A modern day Pinoccho

So it's my nose which is left grow

Some people dream for a dance in the dark

They dream of a brand new start

They dream of distant lands and shifting sands

They dream of tides gently crashing to the tune of softer sounds

There are no imprints left on the ground

Because love has them walking on air

It always seems as though that only last for a couple years

And then it's back to status quo

Empty smiles because you needn't the world know

That you're broken

Some people smile when they wish they could cry

Some people hold their collective breaths

When the only thing they want to do is sigh

I am part of the sum

Added pieces never subtracted

My heart has made its way around the sun

Though there are times my spirit would like to run


It seems colder today

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