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  • Nemi

Un Poco Mas

This song used to move me unlike any other and I think I've danced alone in the dark to it four or five times tonight...

Come closer because probably

you don't realise my love

it isn't forever

because there are nights that end when you sleep

tell your heart

there will be no more source of pain

don't say that I don't think about you

I don't do anything else but think

come a little bit closer

don't be afraid of the truth

that is when the morning arrives and the sun comes up

you will return to my side and I win

and now, go away, go away, go away, go away

go away and have a good time for us both


pero no, tú sabes bien que

Acércate un poco más

no ves que el tiempo se nos va

da rienda suelta a lo que sientes

si no lo haces mala suerte

porque al final, si no lo ves

puede que no me escuches, pero lo diré

que hay, cuando salga el sol y llegue la mañana

yo volveré a tu lado, a tu lado con más ganas

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