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I owe it to myself to be better tomorrow than I was today

I owe it to myself to not be afraid to stop and smell the flowers along the way

There's no certainty how long the light will stay

There's no guarantee that the breeze will cause the branches to sway

So if you get a chance say what you need to say

The words I Love You

Needn't be sprayed

Just in order to fill the air

The words I Love You

Needn't be sprayed

Just in order to make you feel a way

You make me feel away

When I close my eyes

And my soul and mind are gray

I think of your sunshine

And how it wipes all the clouds away

Tonight I bet on myself to win

Tonight I found that my voice could be carried on the wind

Much like my dreams

Much like hopes

I've learned to unravel the dubious ropes

In order to proclaim myself free

Free from pain

Free from shame

There's a reason that I came...

I'm but a moth and you're the flame

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