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Been Running For So Long...

I saw a movie yesterday, a movie that touched me in a way that I cannot describe properly but will attempt to nonetheless. IF anyone knows much about me, they know that I do not sit and view anything outside of sports; I mean there are some nature shows that will pull me in and choke me up. Okay, all nature series aside back to the movie.

Peanut Butter Falcon to me is one of the better stories of perseverance and trust that has come out in some time; don't worry, I'm not going to ruin it for you. There were moments within the movie when I wished I was on an adventure of some type. It seems as though I've been running for so long and all I'm in need of is a destination for me to rest my head for a bit.

The soundtrack to this movie is just sappy enough, I've listened to it probably close to fifteen times from top to bottom. The track Running For So Long hit me in the feels a bit, I mean since I love lyrics and all:

"My oh my lord, I just can’t hardly wait

We’ve come so far, through the darkest days

The long night’s over, and I’m starting to believe

I’m not as broken as some made me out to be

What makes a house a home

Been running for so long

When I met you, I couldn’t let you

Oh I’m tired of being alone..."

There's something super special about this movie, I cannot explain it properly but hopefully you'll find it in a theatre close to you.

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