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That Escalated Quickly

Some days, actually most days, I find myself just going about my day without a care in the world. I feel as though in the last few weeks, I've become increasingly resigned to the fact today is the only day that matters; with that mindset, I've sort of moved away from worrying about tomorrow.

This last weekend my buddy Bobby (far right, with shades, looks innocent but isn't) and me decided to surprise another friend and his family in Florence, KY. The plan was concocted over mead, whiskey, and food! Look, I get why Adam lost that rib of his and got kicked out of the Garden, not Madison Square Garden a la Charles Oakley though.

"Look, we'll fly in, eat some food, drink at a couple of breweries, and then fly back home in the blink of an eye." - Bobby

I still scratch my head at how quickly/easily things tend to escalate when hanging out with this guy! Not only did we surprise my buddy and his family, we went on this thirty-nine hour excursion which took us from breweries, to restaurants, to home, to an NFL game, and then into the realization that I can drink a lot of alcohol for some reason. There's a part in there were I failed to mention the trip to Target to purchase the electrolytes boosters; let's just say someone in this picture, children not included, was passed the freak out on Sunday following the NFL game.

Friendship doesn't need to have a particular look for it to work, it just needs to be working. I often say that I know hundreds of people, if not a few thousand by now, however, I have few friends. There's something special to be said when even the family pup knows you're about to leave and they sit with you for just a moment more.

I loved the places visited and I cannot wait to return and do THE TUCK proper like, I mean all I want to do is get buck in THE TUCK in 2020 but longer than a day and change.

Why do we all look so damn happy though?

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