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It feels as though I've been walking for some time now, my thoughts that is, nothing more, nothing less. There is a sense of fatigue which has taken hold over me but it's more mental than physical these days.

I have few happy places which I can venture off to; I'm actually lying a bit. The places were I do find my happiness, are closer to me than I give them credit for, however, the hardest part is holding on to time.

Time is the one thing that always seems to be running away from me! I often wonder, if there's a way to slow time down but I've failed to find a remedy to this issue. To be fair, I'm not the only one who is in search of a pause button, when it comes to time.

Recently, a buddy of mine mentioned that his nights are lonely, to which I responded, "Come and meet me at the golf course, you can drive the golf cart while I play a quick 18-holes of golf".

He showed up, a burden strapped to his thoughts, with a makeshift smile formed on his face. We all battle in our own ways, when faced with life; at times, we can go it alone, and at times we quietly ask for help.

As we maneuvered the course, I began to wonder who join me in my loneliness and just be, who would offer time whilst I said what was on my heart, in my head, or simply said nothing.

My days and nights are lonely as well. I'm tired, it's 4am and I'm joined by the sound of traffic, a cool coast like breeze, and the realization that time is moving at a rate far too fast for me to grasp.

My thoughts have brought me here, this morning, to a place of early morning reflection and the realization I'm by myself on this road to wherever I'm walking. The truth is soon this walkway too shall end.

Who will meet you when you're in need?

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