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IF I'm going to be open and honest, most of my travels have been either solo adventures or with a few of my friends whom I tend to travel with the most. I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, I think, I want the hand holding on a beach, the mountains, sound of foreign dialects, and the views going straight up much like the one in the picture which you're staring at, currently.

I'm not getting any younger and time isn't slowing down as well, however, I've become resigned to the fact I'm probably not getting married during my lifetime. No, this isn't some sad post about "Woe is me..." instead it's a post saying, "Damn, look up and take it all in".

We have zero guarantees on what life will look like five minutes from now, so it's nearly impossible to sit and plan out the future; as I say this, I just remembered that I need to switch my pilates from 7a to 7p (I kid, though I should work on getting fit). My goals are to sit within the moment and look up and out, reflect and be thankful. The world we live in, is chaotic and has been since it was created.

My peace is found within the stillness of it all, I need more moments of still and less of the constant feeding of views from people who do not matter to me. My focus is creativity and I hope to continue to unlock that portion of my life, as I've been blessed with a few talents.

I ask that we as a society continue to look up and out, staying focused on what's important and not buying into the narratives which are being forced down your collective throats.

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