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Well, I'm at the point in life where some of our pups are ready to take their next steps in life and I'm wondering where all the time flew off to. Yesterday, we were sticking out our tongues at each other and making funny faces and today, we're sticking out our tongues at each other and making fuuuunnnny faaay...

My brother T has three kids and this one happens to be my favorite, yes, I'm not shy to say that she's my favorite because she'll probably be the one taking me and her dad to the casino when we're in our seventies, actually it might be sooner if I decide to pack it in and call it quits on this day to day work hustle. We joke about it often, running off and leaving the kids, but this is the one child that would track us down from the clues we'd leave behind our party RV.

In all seriousness though, where has time flown off to and why is it now that things are moving a bit faster than usual? It's strange because I've found myself being both an uncle and a friend, like I would actually hang with my niece and allow her to drive my Prius if I had to, I'd even let her control the music in my car and the strange part is at times she actually texts me of all people and asks for a bit of guidance.

I wish we could shield these pups from the world we live in today, from the pressure and heartbreak which will undoubtedly come their way at some point as it did us during our times of transition. Her father and me have already warned most of the boys in town that she's off limits to so much as even smile at, let alone bat fond eyes towards; there is one little guy that seems brave but I'll send a note to his parents at a later date or just drive by his house a few times in the unmarked van.

It's within the blink of an eye these children have sprouted up and started to take on the world and it's also within the blink of an eye, we've realized that at some point all pups grow up and leave home.

I pray that this fiery young lady doesn't break our heart(s) by picking Michigan State for college and I also pray that she doesn't choose a school too far away because it's harder to get good spies in other states, I mean so I've heard.

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