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All Good...

A close friend of mine recently said, "Your blog posts seem sad, are you okay", a question which caused me to pause and think for a bit. I mean am I okay? The truth is I think I'm good, good in a high pitched voice good, at that too. I mean through all of this "stuff" we've been living through, do I really have any room to truly complain about anything; I woke up this morning, stretched, walked downstairs, plugged in my laptop, placed a few business calls, walked to my entirely too large refrigerator (grabbed a bottled water), and asked my flatmate, "Bruuuuh, do we need a 75" TV downstairs or nah". I'm okay, I'm okaaaaaay... In the end death is undefeated still as far as I can tell, so what's all this noise about.

Well, maybe I feel like the car I took the picture of below, a little beat up, cold, not overly sexy, but running, I'm still running but who knows for how long. I know, totally random to compare myself to a 1998 Nissan Altima, most folks look at me as though I'm fancy, a fancy car, and I'm like NOPE too expensive of an upkeep (the car not me).

The ability to come up with content worthy of sharing/posting can become daunting and to be fully transparent, this stuff, though fun, can also be quite burdensome as well. I find myself writing in order to workout my mind and emotions. In my heart, I feel as though the stories and images shared are needed, simply due to the fact we're all facing something and we can find refuge in the fact we're not all alone within this struggle to survive.

My travels, though not international this year, have been great and I'm searching my heart just as closely as I am searching these roadways. I'm okay, I feel good, yes, there's a sense of loneliness which comes about from being quirky like I am but it's not a sense of loneliness which anyone should check on me about, well I mean check-ins are always welcomed.

We're close to the end of 2020, I'm close to running through all six of these batteries too!

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