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All I See...

For sometime now, I've been allowed to view the world through the eyes of kids. When the pandemic first took came into effect and caused the working class to stay at home and shelter in place, I found myself feeling all sorts of antsy. IF it weren't a for a spry, then four year old, kid, I would have probably lost my marbles.

The beauty of that time was that my lunch break consisted of bug nets, butterflies, and laughter, not to mention my name being called at least two hundred times during the hour. I had forgotten just how simple it all was and how calming the imagination of a child could be. The world as we knew it then was on hold/paused, only to fall apart months later, without a clear plan in place for us all.

During this time, I was attempting to find peace and my footing within an ever changing work environment. The workdays were definitely challenging as our government made up funny money to keep businesses afloat and other concessions to keep people looking forward to the "help". I was left wondering if I would somehow crack under the pressure of it all.

It was after weeks of playing with my best friend, I found it virtually impossible to be upset about the condition of the world. In this time, my buddy B, opened the doors to his family, too. Thursday evenings turned into dinners and whiskey, movies and laughter.

As a group which fluctuated from four to six, we managed to keep ourselves entertained with road trips/new adventures. I was allowed to see the world through the eyes of a seven year old for a bit. This little dude and me formed a bond which has moved from initial moments of shyness to elaborate handshakes and laughter. I swear this kid is a twenty five year old bruh bruh named Julius!

Through the eyes of the young, I've learned to remember that life is exactly what is in front of us. There are no thoughts of retirement, overtime, or bonuses. The ability to roll the window down and take in the fresh air whilst doing 80mph on the freeway is actually a thing which creates a smile.

All I SEE is an image of where I want to remain forever... In the now, imagining that dinosaurs are real and there's no such thing as pressure.

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