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Black & White

I've always wanted my photography to be raw, no pun intended, raw, as the words which accompany them within this blog. For me, every picture carries some type of story which is worth sharing, though not all of my pictures are shared, simply because I do not want to bore or lose anyone due to the onslaught of images and words; we can only handle so much noise coming out of one corner (rolls eyes).

Recently, within the last month or so, I've deactivated my Instagram account and set out to become a better photographer, better editor, creator, thinker, and person. In a world where we have thousands of "followers", I find it interesting that I would spend so much time scrolling through pictures and videos, wasting time, wasting energy/emotion, on things which are so inconsequential, if I'm being completely honest with myself.

There is a bit of ego involved in garnering a like or comment from others, there is a bit of ego when you look at someone else's work and think, "Man, why are they getting acclaim when they're not adding to anything, they're only making noise or shining the light on...". In the end, I'm learning that outside of thought is where I need to reside, outside of the ego that hounds me daily. The spot where I reside now is where I need to be, I cannot covet a light which only shines on me but I can only hope for a light that shines favorably upon us all.

I'm a very quiet person, though others might see me as the life of the party. In 2020, I learned to observe and I observed that there's so much growth still needed on my end but in order to get there, I need to stay true to myself, because I'm the one living my life, not my friends, colleagues, siblings, or parents. We all feel as though we have to answer to someone but many fail to see, that person is looking back at them in the mirror.

During a call with a friend of mine, I asked if they liked black and white photography and their answer was a nice, "No"; however, coming into 2021, I wanted to have more of a style/signature type of shooting. IF I can create definition and intrigue from behind my lens, all the while telling a story, my heart will become filled with joy.

I'm not doing anything new which others weren't doing, already, but I am doing something new which I wasn't doing previously and that makes me feel as though the upside is tremendous. Where some are merely concerned with the bridge, the bridge which has been photographed millions of times, I'm focused on the clouds which will never be seen again as they sit now within the sky.

It's the now, this very moment of seeing and capturing which will allow me to continue to share bit and pieces of life with you all.

Earlier today, one of my coworkers asked me if I was happy, like she just paused and said, "Hey, how are you, are you happy"? It didn't take me but a moment to respond and say, "Within this very moment, all is well, I have zero problems right now, and yes, I'm happy".

Life isn't always BLACK & WHITE, it isn't always full of color either; what it is, is a story waiting to be told, it's up to you to decide how you want it told, details laid out in front of you.

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